Saturday, February 23, 2013

more of the same

Four Way Books 

Dear Bill Knott,

I want to thank you for submitting your work to Four Way Books in June. I am sorry that we can't offer you publication for your manuscript, Selected Poems 1960-2012, at this time.The selection process is never easy for us, and It is truly difficult to pass on work of merit. At times like this, we feel that we are in an impossible position in that we want to be able to publish so much more than we can.

We continue to read toward future seasons, and our manuscript readers rotate on a regular basis so that returning manuscripts can receive fresh attention. Our readers are seasoned editors, or authors. We do not ask students to read for us. If you find that you want to try your hand with us again, please know that our door is open. We accept submissions through our contest (January 1-March 31 each year). In 2013, James Longenbach will judge for our contest, the Levis Prize, open to all poets writing in English, regardless of past publication history. We will read poetry and short fiction in June for our Open Reading Period. Please check our website at at the end of December for our contest guidelines, and at the end of May for our June guidelines.

We realize that this is disappointing news. Please know that we are working hard to bring more literature into the world, and we do hope that your work will be placed in the near future.

With warmest regards,

Martha Rhodes, Director
Ryan Murphy, Associate Director

2012-10-11 16:24:49 (GMT -4:00)